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Got milk?

Remember that ad campaign that lasted many years? Nowadays that ad campaign is still in our minds and we still keep it that way. I never thought one day I was going to ask my wife and associate, got milk? And of course that question didn’t mean if we got milk in our refrigerator. In a matter of fact that question turned into other meaning in my mind once we realized we can start using the milk in the bathtub as a new setting for our maternity shootings. Kessy Felix, the girl in the photo of this article, was our first client we used to make this shooting. The photo was so nice in the moment we took it that we, Kessy, Iriana and I couldn’t believe how beautiful Kessy looked in that picture. We thought, that picture didn’t even needed a piece of edition. First of all Kessy is a professional model and second the bathtub with milk was the perfect setting in that moment. Thank you Kessy for let us soak your body and hair LOL. Since now, we encourage all our clients to think about get a maternity session with us and for sure we will offer this service in all our shootings. Thank you all our clients that make every session worth all the efforts that the clients and us make to do better pictures that already become part of their stories.

Ángel Ramírez

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