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Providing families with the chance to cherish and immortalize these moments for a lifetime is my true passion. 

There’s nothing more pristine and breathtaking than the addition of a new baby to the family. This is precisely what draws me to newborn photography – the ability to capture those intricate details and exceptional instances, allowing you to relive and treasure them as cherished memories in the years to come. These minuscule nuances, exclusively captured through my camera lens, are meticulously preserved for your enjoyment.


I find that conducting newborn sessions in my studio is most favorable, as I’m equipped with an array of essentials tailored to the baby’s comfort and needs. Within my studio, an extensive collection of props awaits – ranging from hats, headbands, and floral headdresses to blankets, wraps, baskets, drawers, bolls, and wooden bowls, among other accessories. Additionally, parents are more than welcome to bring along any clothing or accessories of their choosing to personalize the session.


Indeed, as a photographer, I understand the significance of scheduling these particular photo sessions between the 5th and 12th day following the baby’s birth. During this timeframe, babies tend to be more settled, adaptable, and capable of achieving those desired poses. As time progresses, babies might become fussier, sleep less, experience skin peeling, and, crucially, lose some of the flexibility they had while in the womb – a key factor for achieving the optimal poses that define a flawless session. Naturally, capturing incredible details is still achievable after the 12th day of birth as well.


Creating the right environment is crucial for the baby’s comfort. Maintaining an optimal temperature is essential, especially since the baby may be undressed during the session. Ensuring a cozy atmosphere that promotes sleep and providing a secure setting for both the baby and parents are top priorities. Parents can feel at ease, attending to the baby’s needs such as diaper changes and feeding as required. If postpartum challenges make it challenging for the mother to move comfortably, the session can be conveniently arranged in the comfort of their own home.


Patience truly defines this type of session. A calm and relaxed demeanor is essential to convey the same sense of tranquility to the baby. The duration of the session, typically spanning between 2 to 4 hours, is entirely dependent on the baby’s rhythm. This timeframe allows for multiple breaks to attend to feeding and soothing the baby. Every session is distinct, guided by the baby’s pace. We remain patient, prioritizing the baby’s well-being above all else. The baby takes center stage as the session’s protagonist, with an emphasis on highlighting every aspect about them. Additionally, parents and older siblings can certainly be included in the photo session, creating a comprehensive family portrait.


Would you consider booking a session for your baby? Each photograph carries a unique narrative, and I’d be honored to contribute to your story.

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