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To give families the opportunity to treasure and immortalize those moments forever is what I love!

There is nothing more pure and more beautiful than the arrival of a baby in the family, It is what I like about newborn photography, capture those little details and special moments so that in the future you can enjoy, look back and live them again as great memories. All those tiny details that only are captured  with my camera lens perfectly for you to enjoy it.


I prefer doing the newborn sessions in my studio, where I have everything the baby needs to use. I have an uncountable number of props like hats, headbands, floral headdresses, blankets, wraps, baskets, drawers, boll, and wooden bowls, and other accessories. Parents may also bring any clothing or accessories you want.


As a photographer, it's quite acceptable that these types of photos or sessions are recommended between the 5th and 12th day after birth. As days go by, babies are more irritable, sleepless, they begin to peel the skin and, most importantly, they lose much of that flexibility they used to have in the womb, essential to adopt those ideal poses for a perfect session. Of course, incredible details are achieved after the 12th day of birth also.


The environment for the baby is essential. We must have an adequate climate temperature since the baby will be sometimes naked. Also, we need to provide the baby with comfort to make the baby get to sleep, as well as all the necessary security for him and his parents.

Parents can be calm, and they can take care of the little one whenever he needs to change diapers and feed him. Even so, if it is a significant effort for mommy to move because of the possible inconveniences of the postpartum period, the session could be done in the comfort of your home.


The word that defines this type of session is patience. We must be very calmed and relaxed to transmit this same tranquility to the baby.
The session can last between 2 and 4 hours, everything is depending on the baby. This will allow us to take several breaks to feed and calm the baby. Each session is different, it is the baby who set the pace for us. We will wait as long as it takes since the baby's welfare comes first.
The protagonist of the session is the baby, and I highlight everything about him. Also, his relatives as parents and older siblings can be included in the photo session.


Do you dare to hire a session for your baby? Each photograph has a story to tell, let me be part of your story.

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