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Let me recreate your story so that over the years you can enjoy and return to that magical moment captured with the lens of my camera and show your family the incredible story behind it, which is a bit of family life frozen in an image.

Family sessions can be in my studio or outdoors, you can choose a quiet and surrounded by nature outdoors which creates a relaxed atmosphere essential to make a good family session and be able to capture some incredible photographs of family moments.

Family sessions can be held during any time of the year, whether enjoying a day on an empty beach, playing with the autumn leaves, going out to play in the countryside in spring or having a summer session near the sea. We have a list full of contrasts and beautiful places! So any time will be a good excuse to spend a day with the family.

I recommend that you do not wear strong colors, or shirts with prints although if you wish it is acceptable. If you want you may bring balloons, or any accessory, the goal is that everything goes perfect as you planned.

We may be talking about small families from three members to large families where several generations participate. As a photographer I recommend that you plan a date with some advance notice. It is also very important for families to be advised by the photographer.

The session usually has a duration of 1 or 2 hours, although this can be extended if the family is very large.

What do you expect to immortalize an incredible and unforgettable day in the history of your family!!!

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