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Pregnancy is a special moment in the life of every woman. Still, also it is for the rest of the family because of the arrival of a new member. The woman during pregnancy lives a unique and intimate experience, but above all, a precious and unrepeatable moment. This particular moment can be immortalized with a great idea in a maternity photo session to keep it forever.


For better results, you should plan to take care of every detail. What day would you prefer or it's better for you? If you want to do it in my studio, outdoors, or if you would prefer it in your home? What style do you like or prefer? If you would like to pose half-naked, with changing clothes or a combination of both? I will help you decide together to choose a date, a place, style, and a list of options to make the photo session come out great for you. These will help to design the photography session in detail so you can quickly organize the costumes (you can select from my range of options), accessories, makeup, hairdressing. The most important thing is that you enjoy the experience. I will help you with everything.


The best time for a maternity photoshoot!!
First of all, you have to know that each pregnancy is different.
Choose the best time for you when you feel physically and emotionally comfortable with your body. That will allow you to have an enjoyable photo session. 

We advise you to do it in the period between the 28th to 34th week of pregnancy. If you prefer to do it before the 28th week, there is no problem in doing so. Please do not leave it or wait for the last weeks of pregnancy because you will probably feel more tired, bloated, and less able to move as well.


Also in your photo session, your partner can participate if you desire. 

If you have older children they can be included, such as a family photo session and pregnancy and even if there are pets at home they can be part of this beautiful memory. Everything you want I can achieve it for you to enjoy it.


The outfits will depend on where the session takes place and who is part of it, but I encourage you wear plain designed garments without prints, solid colors and switch between some tight or loose garments. Sometimes the underwear will play a prominent role in the session so you have to pay attention to the choice of the sets that are going to be used. If you dare with a nude or half-naked we can do with some garment or piece of cloth an elegant silhouette. Every session is different and special.


If you are a pregnant woman and want to give yourself a unique, unforgettable, unrepeatable and lasting experience of this unique moment, contact me and together we will achieve a dreamed maternity photo session,  ideal and unforgettable for you.

Cheer up!

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