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Baby boys now rock even more on ICH | Expression

Welcome again future and actual parents of those little ones, that love memories. As part of our continuous growing and to provide the best services for our clients we have got more tiny props for your baby boys. If you are an expectant mother, first time mother or experienced mother of a baby up to 6 months and want that little face in your memories forever, we have so much good news. First of all, we want to thank all parents for give us their trust in all of this time, and of course we want to thank again all the staff that make this precious moments worth. Among the new accessories we've got, we will now have available more props, blankets, wraps, toys, wardrobes, hats and more in different colors and sizes. So, for the next time you book a session with us, you will be able to choose between so much more options for your baby boy or girl. We, as parents know how important we need our babies look like a super star or model because we want to fill every inch of any space in our lives with their tiny and precious faces.

Thanks Again

ICH | Expression Team

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