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La'bings Lifestyle Management Presents "Girls With Pearls"


"Little girls with pearls" Is a empowerment event designed for all little girls. Little Girls must be taught to express themselves articulately to build their charisma so that they can claim a more active role in their society. Boosting theirself esteem and speaking positive affirmations assists them to build character as they grow.

We come to inspire them, so when we say we are leaving our little girls with their pearls, it's not the pearl bracelets & necklaces they receive. Leaving them with their pearls represents all the affirmations we speak into them in a fun way. Every pearl they wear will remind them on how precious they are.

We now have parents asking what is Girls with Pearls all about, so for those of you that maybe thinking the same question, here's what Girls with Pearls is all about:

It's our mission to empower & Inspire all little girls. Founded by myself & Lydia Vickers whom which is my business partner. The mentor program has been created to assist with promoting Confidence, boosting self esteem, dignity, self worth, sharing & caring along with so many other positive words of encouragement in which we refer to as the code of pearls for little girls. It's a fun way for them teaching the girls how important, powerful & how precious they are.

When asked about the pearls they wear at an event and or outing around their neck, they will be able to recite at least one if not all the pearls. Every event they attend we will leave them with on a positive note literally because that's what we will aim to instill in them at the events we have for them.

We are in the process of turning the program into a 501c3 to enable us to create a variety of opportunities for the girls, demonstrating building healthy relationships and boosting their social skills.

Our plan at La'bings Lifestyle management as a company presenting Girls with pearls is to award 3 of our littles girls every year with a scholarship that can be used towards their tutiton college based on their academics.

In the future we plan to have them involve in different local community organizations such as the women & children shelters handing out Christmas gifts to children that are less fortunate, visiting the nursing homes in the area and so many other age appropriate projects demonstrating the difference they can make to those who are need, even at their young age.

The event's will be held monthly in different county's with different themes, glamming them out each & every time giving them something to look forward to, however the message will remain the same.

The girls will get to meet different little girls just like them and they will become apart of a sisterhood regardless of their race, and or ethic background. To the girls all they will see is another little girl just like them.

We are looking into the future to assign an Aunt Pearl to each of the little girls beyond the glam parties as their mentor to check in on them once a month, even if it's as simple as a phone call to ask them how's your day going, or it maybe a surprise delivery for them on their birthday so they know we are thinking of them on their special day & always.

Pearl trips "group outings" will be arranged with local business for the girls along with us. For example; setting them up to see a professional chef & witness the chef prepare & cook a meal just for them . The chef will give them a fun educational lesson on what being a chef is all about.

The girls with pearls will be required to dress up giving them the opportunity to experience & learn what fine dining is like. The girls will be taught what a proper place setting looks like , also being able to identify with what each utensil is used for. The best part is they will get to practice with each utensil utilizing to eat a delicious meal in which they witness being prepared in front of them.

Each pearl trip will be available on the calendar each month for the parents in advance, giving all the parents adequate time to ensure their able to make arrangements for their little girl to participate.

Pearl outing's may also consist of them visiting a theater and allowing each of them to witness a live rehearsal, demonstrating the value of hard work, dedication and commitment . Leaving them knowing if you work hard and keep practicing, each time you become better & better.

Always reminding them ,it doesn't matter what you choose as your profession, do in with excellence & strive to do it to the best of your ability. Hard work will always pay off in the end.

It's so many different positive attributes for any little girl involved in girls with pearls.

We encourage the girls to come dressed up in their pink or light blues dresses, making them feel special because they are. We are hand & hand with the parents raising little girls, that will one day become successful young ladies.

It's take's an entire village to raise children, Here at "Girls With Pearls" we are committed in making our positive deposits into our future doctor's, lawyers, presidents, etc. We support all our parents "AKA mother Pearls" in the mission to see all our Little girls through.

We will have vendors at the event who sponsors the movement, and bringing eats & treats. The Event in Tavares will touch on the mission, while introducing what girls with pearls is all about. Sugar & spice and all things that are nice. August 19, 2018 is a customized Glam Party for the girls creating fun activities & lasting memories. We welcome you all , can't wait to meet you & your little girls at the girls with pearl's event.


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