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Greetings, I’m Iriana Urdaneta, a photographer based in Windermere, FL. With unwavering support from my husband, I embarked on a project that has been the most challenging, joyful, and rewarding journey of my life.


Welcoming my first child into the world ignited an undeniable urge to capture and immortalize every intricate detail and fleeting movement. Time passes swiftly, and each moment evolves, never to return. Through this, I succeeded in crafting beautiful and enduring memories that will forever resonate.


Photographing life’s most cherished moments swiftly transformed from a passion to my profession, a role I’ve embraced for countless years. Reflecting on my older photos shaped the person I am today. Pursuing perfection in every detail, I strive to create memories infused with happiness, joy, and sweetness that withstand the test of time.


I diligently honed my craft, drawing guidance from esteemed photographers across America and the world. A defining moment was training under the tutelage of Ana Brandt, a world-renowned pioneer in baby photography. As a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), I am committed to the highest standards of excellence.


My work is characterized by an unwavering passion for detail. I revel in documenting authentic stories brimming with love and joy, allowing us to relive these precious moments through each captured nuance. Photography has captured my heart, and I firmly believe its true worth lies in the creation of memories and narratives for every family.


Leaving behind a legacy and a chronicle of joy-filled moments, while capturing pivotal milestones in the lives of those who entrust me, remains the ultimate satisfaction as a photographer. I extend an invitation to connect with me, allowing us to get acquainted and collaboratively orchestrate an unforgettable and remarkable photography session that will stand the test of time.


My objective is to infuse every viewing of your photographs with the full intensity of reliving those moments anew.


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6764 Bridgewater Village Rd,

Windermere FL 34786

Tel 407-8442253

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